Learn about the next evolution in innovation for RuMe

The RuMe ethos has always been to rethink the ordinary in order to create hard-working products that reach a higher standard of excellence and quality. We are now integrating new technology into our products to make them work even harder.
With RuMeID, we're taking a different look at what it means to reuse. With unprecedented retail access to replace anything lost, the traditional idea of a community lost and found has been passed over for a collective choice to lose and replace. But why must we consistently spend time, money, and resources to replace lost items without ever trying to get them back? The cost of replacing lost possessions is great—financially and environmentally. RuMeID aims to reinstate the community driven lost and found by providing attachable QR code/URL identifiers for an easy and secured system of retrieval.
Upon scanning your RuMeID's QR code or entering the unique URL, the finder is brought to a secured platform where your selected contact information is linked via our third-party contact system. Our RuMeID site utilizes cloud computing technology, enabling you to update any pertinent information from anywhere in the world.
Here's how it works:
1. Register each new RuMeID product by scanning the QR code with your smartphone, or simply logging onto the unique URL printed below it. Registration takes only a few seconds, and any additional information can be easily updated later.
2. Add your registered RuMeID product to any item that can't afford to be lost.
3. When found, your item's QR code/URL can be scanned and your selected contact information will be retrieved from our website.
To help encourage use of the RuMeID system, RuMe will give rewards to those good Samaritans who contact the owner of the lost property.
RuMeID products:
Decals give any lost item a second chance at finding you, with our new line of unique, QR coded decals to provide an identity for your most regarded possessions. Decals are ideal for placing onto electronics, toys, sporting equipment, instruments, and even passports. The polyvinyl material is waterproof, weatherproof, and scratchproof. For the price of a latté, you're given a good shot at recovering your lost item.
Luggage Tags help prevent the baggage claim blues. Even the smartest of travelers lose control of their baggage after check-in; the RuMeID luggage tag allows TSA agents and good Samaritans to reach you in the case that baggage is lost. Durably printed on recycled aluminum, you can rest assured that your baggage is provided a personalized identity. Who knows, maybe it'll even help you sleep on the plane. 
When you lose your keys, you're losing access. Car. House. Business. The RuMeID Key Tag gives your keychain, and life, a chance to get back on track. Each Key Tag is equipped with a unique URL address to help the finder reach you via our anonymous third-party contact system. So while you're locked out, your personal information is too. Sorry locksmiths, we got this one covered.
Whether you're against chipping your pet, or you're leaving it with someone else while heading out for a much needed vacation, the RuMeID Pet Tag is your new best friend. It dynamically stores contact information utilizing cloud-computing within each tag's unique QR code/URL. Updating or changing your contact information to the Pet Tag only takes a few seconds and can be done from anywhere in the world. Your petsitter's contact details can replace yours while you're gone, and be deleted upon your return.